(SS Decontrol, Boston 1982)


I was at work on April 15, 2013 when I received a news alert that there were two explosions during the Boston Marathon. I saw the images of the innocent victims, including children, with limbs blown off, and people running in panic.

Two days after the Boston Marathon bombings, which took the lives of three individuals (including an 8 year old boy) and injured 264, I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was thinking about putting together a second Punk Aid compilation to aid the Boston Marathon victims. The first day alone I confirmed over thirty bands, and the compilation had a name “Punk Aid: Boston Strong.”

Between the dates May 18-20, a series of significant tornadoes hit Oklahoma City. One of these tornadoes was an EF5. Twenty-five people lost their lives in Oklahoma due to those tornadoes, thousands of structures were destroyed, and many were injured.

I started thinking that I wanted to split the proceeds between the Boston Marathon bombing victims and the Oklahoma City tornado victims. I posted a message to my personal Facebook page and received overwhelming support from people that this was a good idea. The compilation now had a new name “Punk Aid: Boston/OKC Strong.”

By the time the Oklahoma City tornadoes hit, 30 million dollars had been raised for the Boston Marathon victims, and they were no longer even taking donations for the victims directly. It became immediately clear to me the bulk of the proceeds needed to go to Oklahoma City and not Boston.

Eighty percent of the proceeds of this compilation will be donated to The Oklahoma City Tornado Recovery Fund put together by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation www.occf.org, where 100% of the funds received go to assist those impacted by the storms. This compilation was originally put together to help the Boston Marathon victims, so I decided that 20% of the proceeds will go to the City of Boston in tribute to those who lost their lives or were hurt in the bombings. The 20% of the proceeds going to Boston will be donated to TUGG www.tugg.org, which provides grants to new, young entrepreneurs in the Boston area. I feel that the best way to remember all of the victims is to not just give money to them, but to donate to a cause that will help bring jobs to their city.

…By the time the May 31 deadline approached there were 117 track submissions from bands all over the world.



Why is this a digital compilation? Will there be a CD version?
The production costs would be very expensive to produce a CD version with this many bands. The whole idea of this compilation is to maximize proceeds, and donate as much possible to Oklahoma City tornado and Boston Marathon victims and their families. In order to keep costs down as much as possible, this compilation will be a digital download only compilation. The compilation comes with a beautiful booklet in .pdf format which can be easily printed if desired.