A year ago i was inspired to make the next Punk Aid compilation benefit autism research. The number of people living with an autism spectrum disorder are growing at a rate of 6-15 percent each year.

As of 2015, 1 in 68 children in the U.S has an autism spectrum disorder. Quite a jump from 2 years ago when the number was 1 in 88 and an if you go back to 2007 that number was 1 in 150. Autism is on the rise but it is not clear if the statistics reflect a growing awareness of autism, of if there is some other factors causing the increase.

Many of us know autistic individuals or know people who have autistic children. Currently there is no cure and research is critical to finding a cure.

This compilation brings together punk bands from all over the globe creating the largest international charitable compilation of its kind. We stand together to give back to our community and to help find a cure for autism. All proceeds with be donated to the Autism Science Foundation.

My hope is that we find a cure in our lifetimes, and that Punk Aid will continue to inspire punk rockers to realize that the world is ours to fix and make better.

Punk, Proud and Positive!

Michael Rothstein
"Mike Virus"


Why is this a digital compilation? Will there be a CD version?
The production costs would be very expensive to produce a CD version with this many bands. The whole idea of this compilation is to maximize proceeds, and donate as much possible to the Autism Science Foundation. In order to keep costs down as much as possible, this compilation will be a digital download only compilation. The compilation comes with a beautiful booklet in .pdf format which can be easily printed if desired.