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Added an FAQ to the PUNK AID/BOSTON submission section.
Added PUNK AID/BOSTON artist submission info. All submissions must be received by May 31, 2013!rn
Thank you to Profane Existence for their generous contribution of $100 to!
Just sent 20 million rupiah ($2185) to get the triple cd set "PUNK AID: ACEH CALLING" made in Jakarta. The Banda Aceh punks will be receiving the cds for free. We are currently putting the artwork together!
Special thanks to Lauren Confos and the Australian punks for their unbelievably generous donation of $1197.31 to PUNK AID
Please help promote the compilation by using advertisements found in the 'Media' section. We want to raise as much money as possible for the Banda Aceh punks. We have sold 132 albums so far.
We have sold 100 albums since March 1! Keep spreading the word! Lets make it 10,000 albums!
72 albums sold first day! Spread the word, lets get the numbers up to 200 by the end of the weekend!
Everyone do your part and help sell comps! The money goes to the Aceh punks! Post images from the MEDIA section and direct people to!
PUNK AID mentioned on WMMR radio/Philadelphia
It is with great pride that i say "PUNK AID: ACECH CALLING" is available now at A lot of work went into this project. And it went from a discussion on my personal facebook page to a 72 band compilation in 3 months time. Thank you everyone for your support, and I proudly bring you "PUNK AID: ACEH CALLING" made with love for the punks of Banda Aceh. Everyone share this out
Added a new benefit show to the Support section featuring Violent Affair and Evacuate!
Welcome to the new! Browse the site, look at the list of featured bands, make sure you sign the petitions in the 'support' section and get involved. Remember to come back on March 1 to download the massive 73 band international compilation complete with a huge booklet!