Aceh Calling Punk Aid :: Aceh Calling


Punks are getting arrested in Indonesia, being forced to shave their heads, being forced to pray, and having their clothes burned. Punks help each other out. This means we all need to be involved, and here is how you can help.

I am putting together an international compilation album of bands called "PUNK AID: ACEH CALLING". The compilation will be a $6 downloadable album including a downloadable booklet. MOVEMENT RECORDS in Jakarta, Indonesia will receive ALL of the profits from this album. They will distribute the money to those who need it. The bands on the compilation will receive no money from this, and neither will I. This is being done for one reason - It's the fucking right thing to do.

There will be two versions of this release. One will be the downloadable version, and another will be a CD version made exclusively for the Indonesian punks who do not have a way to listen to mp3s. This will cost money. Because this compilation is so large it will span 5 CDS. We need to raise $2000 for MOVEMENT RECORDS to make the cd version to provide to the people over there. If you book shows now is the time to start raising money so we can make a CD version for those kids.